Zvigeni Technological Systems Ltd.

Zvigeni Technological Systems Ltd. is a trading and consulting company in household appliances solutions active in all Asian R&D and production markets.

Our customers are located in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Zvigeni Technological Systems Ltd. helps its customers to successfully find the best production partners based on market requirements and the specific needs of its customers.

Tailor-made cultural bridge and funnel

Our vast network of contacts with production industries, in East Asian countries, makes us your bridge and funnel to the most reliable producers.

Quality control, logistics and warehousing

We find the most economical solution to control the continuity of the quality of your order before it leaves the country of production.
We seek the best warehousing hubs to optimize logistics efficiency and control costs.

Customs clearance and administration

Our multilingual team is ready, able and willing to offer you 360 degree service, either in-house or with selected and recommended specialists.

Some of our Partners

How the sum of our networks secures the success of your commercial projects